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100% of the profit from this clothing line will go toward supporting these 15 teachers we are privileged to work alongside. For the first time since starting Hope Primary, they will be given a small salary this year out of the clothing you buy. We support them, together, so that we can keep empowering the children side by side.

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Pre-orders are closed

In 2016, a small group of South Sudanese refugees gathered together and, with a united voice, said: “we must give the children of our generation an education or there will be no hope for the future of our country.” Slowly, as the community gathered and teachers came from near and far within Rhino refugee settlement, a school was formed. They called themselves Hope Primary and started to teach students under a tree in the middle of a barren, scorched courtyard. They did this for weeks until the rainy season hit, eliminating their ability to continue teaching. Relentless in their goal, these teachers and this community began to slowly sell their rations to lay the foundations of school buildings.

It’s been over two years now and Hope Primary has not stopped growing. The same small group that started still remain; their resilient spirits already building a legacy that will far outlast them. What started under the shade of a tree has grown to four buildings and a small kitchen area, where over 700 children displaced by the war taking are now given the increasingly rare opportunity to get an education. Hope Primary has 15 teachers that come from miles away every day, rain or sun, to ensure that there truly is hope for the future of their country. They continue to sell their rations and receive absolutely no payment for all that they sacrifice daily.

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